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Extend the Life of Your Car's Battery

Removing Car Battery

Your car's battery is essential to your car's function. When your car's battery fails, you can be stuck where you are unless another driver comes to your aide with jumper cables.
The average car battery lasts around two to five years, although some batteries do last longer. To extend the life of your car's battery, do the following things.

Drive Regularly

Car batteries charge while the engine is running, which means if you don't often drive your vehicle or only use your car for quick trips to the store, your battery can drain much more quickly. Make your car more reliable (and help the battery last longer) by starting your car every day to give the battery a boost.
When you go on your short errands, take a longer route home than usual to give your battery more time to charge.

Beware in Hot Weather

You'd think that the colder weather wears your battery out more, but the opposite is true. Hot weather conditions wear out your car's battery by exposing the unit to extreme heat levels. Help preserve your car's battery by parking in the shade, covering your vehicle with a UV blanket when not in use, and keeping your car's coolant filled.

Keep Your Battery Clean

Batteries corrode with time if they leak, which can make their connectors less reliable. Keep your battery clean by using baking soda and water, a cola drink, or a battery terminal cleanser to keep your car's battery in better condition.
If your car's battery is bloated, hot to the touch, actively leaking, or severely rusted, call your auto service technician right away. Your car's battery may need to be replaced. Your auto technician can safely dispose of your current battery and replace the unit with a new one.

Check Your Battery Cables Often

Your battery works by connecting a positive and negative end together, resulting in a charge. Check your battery's cables and terminals often to ensure your battery is tightly secured inside your vehicle's battery casing.
Your battery should not move when your car is running. Terminals and connections should be tight. If your battery appears to be leaning or won't stay connected and you have to repeatedly re-secure the unit, take your car to your local automotive expert.
An auto technician will check your car's battery for signs of wear and age and will test the battery to ensure the unit is receiving a quality charge before making recommendations or repairs.

Use Devices Sparingly

Bluetooth receivers, cell phone charges, and other items plugged into your vehicle's charging ports drain the battery. As long as your car is in motion, you won't cause much battery drainage, but if your car is idling in a parking lot or for long periods of time in traffic, watch how much battery usage you are taking up with devices.
Some Bluetooth receivers or chargers will tell you what level your battery is at while charging. If your battery level begins to drop, gently press the gas pedal of your parked car to give your battery a boost in its charge.
You want your car's battery to last as long as possible for a few reasons. You don't want to spend money on a new battery before you are ready to, and you want to know your car is reliable. Use these tips to help your car battery last longer.
Your auto technician will check your car's battery periodically. If your battery needs to be replaced, you can select from a number of batteries from different manufacturers. Call us at DeMers Automotive for your car's needs.
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