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January 2016 Newsletter

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We’re back from our holiday break, and we hope yours was as enjoyable as ours! With a new year comes New Year’s Resolutions, and I’m sure you’ve already started a list of things you’d like to accomplish in 2016. Hopefully keeping up to speed with your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance is on that list, and you’ll continue to use DeMers Automotive for anything you need, giving us the opportunity to help you keep your vehicle up and running for many more years to come. We appreciate your business!

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Today’s vehicles are so complex; they rely heavily on the computer systems that control nearly every switch, button and function. If the computer systems don’t get proper voltage, they can no longer carry out even ordinary commands such as putting your window up and down, turning on your radio, or even getting the vehicle started. Making sure your alternator, starter and battery are working properly can save you headache, frustration and potential frostbite, as a failure of any of the big three components can leave you stranded in the cold.

Driven by the serpentine belt, the alternator spins 2 to 3 times faster than the engine does, necessary in order for the component to produce enough voltage and amperage to recharge the battery and maintain vehicle electrical loads. Over time, this constant spinning can cause wear on the internal bearings of the alternator. Charging power can also diminish, often without you realizing it, ultimately leading to a dead battery, if the alternator can’t keep up with electrical demand.

Check out the video from NAPA Service Assistant for a complete low-down on the failure points of an alternator.

Next Month: Starters and more!

Maintenance Minder Spotlight | BG Power Steering System Flush

Power steering systems operate under extreme pressures and temperatures, eventually causing wear on items such as bearings, valves, and seals. This wear can be identified by the condition of the fluid – if it is a dark, nearly black color and has visible particles floating in it, the fluid can be contaminated with abrasive metals from all the moving components. The BG Power Steering System flush safely and effectively removes deposits that have accumulated in fluid lines, pumps, steering gears and valves.

First, BG Quick Clean for Power Steering is introduced to the system, and our ASE Master Technician will rotate the steering wheel with the engine running in order to work the cleaner through the system completely, loosening any deposits and cleaning contaminates from the fluid. Then a flush machine is used to evacuate the old fluid while simultaneously adding new, clean power steering fluid until all the old fluid has been replaced. This will help keep your power steering pump quiet, slow down the wear caused by everyday usage, and keep important pressure control valves free and clear of debris. Make an appointment with us today to keep your power steering system problem-free!

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About the Author

Brandon is a Colorado transplant from Pennsylvania and has been in the automotive industry since 2005. He graduated from Harrisburg Area Community College through the GM Automotive Excellence Service Program (ASEP) and specialized in the Duramax Diesel engine. Brandon is not only a service advisor for the company, but also manages the website, Facebook page, and writes the monthly newsletter.

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